Curriculum Features


The curriculum of Heep Woh Kindergarten is designed based on the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide prepared by the Curriculum Development Council. Taking ‘child-centeredness’ as the core value, it adopts game-based learning strategy and fosters well-rounded and balanced development of children, covering their moral, cognitive and language, physical, affective and social and aesthetic developments. With enhancement courses on spiritual development and life education, children receive comprehensive nurture on knowledge, skills and values and attitude. It is implemented through six learning areas: “Physical Fitness and Health”, “Language”, “Early Childhood Mathematics”, “Natural and Living”, “Self and Society” and “Arts and Creativity”.

Thematic Approach

The theme of life as the core of the curriculum, through the various areas of learning content, children learn through stories, visit activities, school lectures, family activities and interest activities.

Project Approach

The Project Approach involves children in studies of things nearby that interact with them and are worth knowing more about. It can provide children with enriched learning experiences. Teachers can enhance the spirit of children to learn.

Story teaching programme

Through storytelling, children will be able to enhance their learning ability, thinking ability and skills of communication.

Holistic Innovative Education

Through multiple senses and small group discussion to learn, We emphasise on children’s high degree of participation in order to strengthen children’s learning motivation.

Orff Music Teaching Method

The Orff Teaching Method is the teaching of various arts such as music, dance, drama and literature. The spirit of Orff music is learner-centered, according to children’s interests, life experiences and ideas-oriented, through heuristic, mutual dynamic and personal participation, getting children involved in a musical atmosphere full of music, happy to contact music, so as to stimulate their creativity.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

The School has Foreign English teacher and Mandarin teacher. English activities led by a foreign English teacher everyday (Monday to Friday), and Mandarin activities led by a Mandarin teacher twice a week.

We provide a bilingual and multicultural learning language environment. The Integrative and Effective Approach can enhance the children’s ability to learn languages.

Life Education Curriculum

Topics include self-discipline, thanksgiving, positive thinking, perseverance, and loving others as self. We want to build up children’s good character.

Learning through play

During free play, children are able to explore their creative side as well as enhancing their ability to solve problems.