Professional Collaboration

Heep Woh Primary School and Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan) play important roles to support K3 students and parents by holding talks for Primary One Admission, sharing the strategies of transition from kindergarten to primary school and arranging English and STEM courses for K3 students.
HKCCCC Family Support Service Centre provides social work service and supports children, parents and school by holding several parent talks, such as “Together, We Fight the Virus with our families. “ and “To help children develop good reading habits”.
School development officers work together with the kindergartens and conduct regular co-planning meetings, lesson observations and post-lesson discussions on the selected area of support. Professional development activities were well organised, promoting the language development of Children through Reading. Teachers can develop appropriate reading teaching strategies, create a rich language environment. Heep Woh Kindergarten is one of the model kindergartens to share the school-based experiences.
KeySteps@ JC, with funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Preschool Comprehensive Support Scheme is a three-year project (2018/2019-2020/2021)aiming to build an integrated model involving medical, education sectors to provide critical support for comprehensive child Development. Heep Woh Kindergarten is one of the Key Steps@ JC experimental schools. Through invaluable training by the experienced coach team from Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association — Hong Kong, the school is fully engaged in on-site coaching and assessment. We use the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale® to enrich the school environment and curriculum successfully.
Healthy NURTURE@ School Program(HNS), with funding support from Quality Education Fund. Supporting parents to enhance parenting skills and develop management strategies of Children’s emotions by holding a Certificate Programme.
To enable children with special educational needs (SEN) to access the necessary training early in the “golden training period”, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) has implemented the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (OPRS). With extensive experience in offering school-based support and training, the OPRS professional teams of Heep Hong Society provide on-site rehabilitation services and training to children with special needs. (Referrals can be made by social workers or staff of rehabilitation service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the SWD.)